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recommended for yoga teachersSaturday & Weekday Workshops

All Saturday workshops can be taken as
a single workshop or as a full day workshop.

The full Saturday programme is:
10.30am: Yoga class
12.00pm: Lunch
12.45pm: Silent walk
2.00pm: Workshop
4.00pm: Yoga class
6.00pm: Group meditation (optional)

Headstand workshop

Thursday 23 March at 7pm

The headstand (sirshasana in Sanskrit) is also called the king of asanas as the posture has so many benefits for your body and mind. By reversing the normal effects of gravity, it rests the heart, aids circulation and relieves pressure on the lower back. A regular headstand practice helps to prevent back problems and improves memory and concentration. Inverting the body also deepens the breath, bringing a fresh supply of oxygen-rich blood to the brain.


Mastering the headstand requires no great strength. It is largely a matter of conquering fear and believing you can do it. The key to balance is the tripod formed by elbows and hands.


"Sirshasana (headstand) invigorates, energises, and vivifies. It is a true blessing and a nectar. You will find real pleasure and exhilaration of spirit in this asana".

Teachers’ Training Course Preparation Day

Saturday 6 May from 10.15am to 7.45pm

An excellent preparation for the Sivananda Yoga Teachers’ Training Course

10.15am    Welcome & introduction to the day                                                                                            10.30am    Yoga class
12.00pm    Lunch
1.00pm      Presentation of the Teachers’ Training Course, the course curriculum,
                    how to prepare oneself, how to register
2.30pm      Presentation of the course venues, including videos of various
                    courses locations
4.00pm     Yoga class
6.00pm     Meditation, chants, lecture

Teachers’ Training Course



The Joy of Kirtan

Wednesday 18 April from 8 to 9.30pm

Kirtan is singing with devotion, love and faith. During Kirtan, a special spiritual power comes from the Indweller of your Heart, it purifies the mind and the heart. Kirtan gives you strength to face the difficulties in life, it is a powerful mental tonic.


- Introduction to kirtan and its benefits                                                                             

- Mantra chanting to calm the mind and open the heart  

- Experience the joy of chanting and express your feelings in a positive way

- Practice the traditional Sivananda daily chants

- Using cymbals and clapping of the hands to accompany kirtan



One workshop: Members £12.50, non-members £17.50, concessions £15

Full Saturday programme: Members £32, non-members £43, concessions £30

 Vegetarian Cooking Workshops

The yogic tradition advocates a vegetarian diet. Predominantly plant-based, this diet ensures that your food gets its energy directly from the sun, the source of all life. Pure ingredients produce energy for our body as well as for our thought processes.  By following a well balanced vegetarian diet, the benefits of the Yoga exercises will increase.


The workshop will start with a theoretical explanation of the yogic diet followed by a practical workshop featuring a vegetarian cooking demonstration. A copy of all the recipes will be provided and you will enjoy tasting the flavoursome vegetarian dishes at the end of the cooking demonstration.

Saturday 13 May from 2.30 - 5.30pm

Cooking with awareness: vegetarian recipes for health and wholeness


Full Saturday programme :


10.30am Asana class
12pm Lunch
1pm Nature walk
2.30pm Cooking workshop
5.15pm Vegetarian dinner
6pm Meditation, chanting, talk (optional)
Vegetarian Cooking Workshops

Price cooking workshop:                                                   Members £25 / Non-members £33 / Concs. £20

Full Saturday programme incl. cooking workshop:     Members £38 / Non-members £44/ Concs. £30

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>>Please note:  Online bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the activity.
>> Concessions (students, unemployed, people on benefits& pensioners):
Bring Concession Documents when attending.
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