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Workshop: "How to combat fear and find inner serenity"


with Swami Jyotirmayananda


Saturday 25 March


2pm   Workshop: How to combat fear with Swami Jyotirmayananda

                - What is fear and what causes fear

                - Learn to give positive suggestions to the subconscious mind

                - Yogic techniques to develop courage and fortitude

                - Breathing exercises to calm down the nervous system

                - Relaxation, the key to regaining inner serenity


     4pm    Asana class: Dissolving tensions through deep breathing

     6pm    Satsang: The art of relaxation with Swami Jyotirmayananda


Yoga works on the nervous system which is activated when fear and anxiety are experienced. Yoga helps to keep the nervous system in balance so that you feel better able to deal with the unavoidable stresses that are part of daily life. This workshop is based on the book Conquest of Fear from Sivananda. It shines much light on the causes and characteristics of fear and suggests efficient remedies to reduce anxiety and cultivate courage and fortitude.



Workshop:       Non-members : £25 / Members £20 / Concessions: £17

Asana class:     Non-members: £12 / Members £8 / Concessions £7.50

Satsang:           Free of charge, donations are welcome


Full day including 2 asana classes (10.30am and 4pm), lunch & workshop: Non-members: £50 / Members £39 / Concessions: £35











Workshop: "Breath is life"


Two pranayama workshops for experienced practitioners


Monday 20 and Monday 27 March from 6.30 - 8.30pm


Breath is life. Gaining control of the breath by practicing breathing exercises, pranayama, increases the flow of vital energy through the body which recharges body and mind. Pranayama trains the respiratory muscles, develops full use of the lung capacity, increases the body’s oxygen intake while reducing it’s carbon dioxide levels. Pranayama also relaxes and strengthens the nervous system, calms the mind and improves concentration.



-          How to strengthen the flow of prana (vital energy)

-          Understanding the three fundamental nadis or energy pathways

-          The function of the solar plexus, the ‘abdominal brain’



-          Vigorous practice of kapalabhati

-          Prolonged practice of alternate nostril breathing

-          Practice of minor pranayamas like Sitala, Sitkara and Brahmari




Workshop:       Non-members : £20 / Members £16 / Concessions: £14










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