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Special Satsangs and Spiritual Festivals  
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Spiritual Festivals
Spiritual festivals are celebrated with pujas, traditional temple ceremonies, and accompanied by mantra chanting.

Free of charge, flowers and fruits are
auspicious offerings when attending
a spiritual festival.
Winter Yoga FestivalWinter Yoga Festival

Saturday, February 7 from 12.30 – 7.45pm

12.30pm  Talk: “Yoga: the art of living a well balanced life”
1.30pm    Introduction to yoga and demonstration of postures
1.30pm    Trial class
2.30pm    Asana workshop “Asanas for increased vitality”
2.30pm    Kids class
4.15pm    Introduction to vegetarian cooking and cooking demonstration
4.15pm    Introduction to meditation
5.00pm    Vegetarian snack and information about yoga vacations
                  and Yoga Teachers’ Training Courses
6.00pm    South Indian Classical Temple Dance with Parvati Nair
20% reduction on all courses and class cards - The reduction excludes workshops, retreats, special programmes and Teachers’ Training Courses. All Activities Free of Charge
Tuesday 17 February from 8pm to midnight

Sivaratri “The Night of Siva”
Siva symbolises the energy of transformation.
The repetition of the Siva mantra throughout the night generates a vibrant spiritual energy.
Sivaratri “The Night of Siva”
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