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Meditation, Positive Thinking & Self Development
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Positive Thinking

Meditation Course
Meditation is a mysterious ladder which reaches from restlessness to abiding peace, from ignorance to knowledge.” – Swami Sivananda

Meditation is considered the most important of all the yoga techniques and is an invaluable tool for peace of mind and emotional balance. This 4-week course provides instruction in the basic meditation techniques and theory for starting a personal meditation practice.

• Why meditate? • How to start a meditation practice • Sitting positions, conscious breathing and mental relaxation • Developing concentration • Mantras – tools for meditation
• Individual guidance by an experienced teacher.
Meditation Course
Recommended reading: Sivananda Book of Meditation by Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre.
Weekend Intensive 10.30am - 5.30pm 25 and 26 March

Beginners-friendly meditation weekend
25 and 26 March 2017

We welcome you for a beginners-friendly weekend meditation course. Meditation classes, simple breathing exercices, cooking demonstration, nutritious vegetarian meals and walks along the Thames make this a mini-retreat in the heart of London.


Meditation is the art of slowing down and focusing the mind. The science of meditation is a universal tradition that traces its origin to thousands of years before the advent of today's civilization, surviving unchanged as is has passed from generation to generation.


Many people come to the practice of meditation because they feel unfulfilled and empty, with stress and inner restlessness playing a much larger part in their lives then they would like. They may be unsure of what meditation can do, but know it promises relief from the high tension and fast peace of today's modern society. Meditation gives relief and much more. It teaches us that there is a power within each one of us, a peace and a wisdom which we can tap into once we know it is available. This power inspires, reinforces and gives strength to those who seek to grow in a positive direction. Light is there and available to all, we only need to connect ourselves to the current.

Daily programme

10.15am       Welcome                                                           2.00pm    Gentle breathing exercises Sunday

10.30am       Meditation class part 1                                      4.00pm    Meditation class part 2
12.00 noon   Vegetarian lunch                                               5.30pm    Vegetarian snack

1.00pm         Walk along the Thames                                     6.00pm    Satsang; meditation, chanting, talk (optional)

2.00pm         Vegetarian cooking demonstration Saturday


Price weekend course: Members £75 / non-members £100 / Students, pensioners, unemployed £70

Positive Thinking Course
Every thought has literal value to you in every possible way.
What you think upon, that you become
Swami Sivananda

The yogic understanding of thought has helped many individuals to find new meaning in their daily lives. This 4- week course is filled with many practical techniques for facing both inner and outer obstacles through an understanding of the transformative power of thought.

• The nature of thoughts • How habits are formed • Developing thought power
• Transforming negative emotions
Positive Thinking Course
Recommended reading: Thought Power by Swami Sivananda.
Mondays 6.30 - 8pm May 8 - June 5 (no class on May 29)

Cost Meditation or Positive Thinking course on weekdays:

One Course: Members £48  /  Non-members £67  /  Concessions £46
Two Courses: Members £88  /  Non-members £125  /  Concessions £85

Cost Meditation Intensive weekend course :


Members £75  /  Non-members £100  /  Concessions £70


Special courses and Study Groups



4 session Special Course
The nature of pure love - Narada Bhakti Sutras


“Love is the law of life. To love is to fulfil the law. And to fulfil the law means eternal peace and verlasting happiness. Love is life. Love is joy. Love is warmth. Love is the golden tie which binds heart to heart, soul to soul. To live is to love. To love is to live.”  Swami Sivananda

Bhakti means devotion, the most precious of all possessions. Bhakti opens the heart, fills the mind with purity and generates harmony and divine love.


The Narada Bhakti Sutras are filled with devotion. In a brief discourse containing 84 aphorisms, sage Narada defines the process of devotion and the nature of selfless love. Its language is simple, beautiful and direct. Its profound wisdom touches the heart and is directly applicable to daily life.





Study book: 'Narada Sutras' with commentaries of Swami Sivananda
Mondays 8 - 9.30pm

April 24 - May 22         Please note that there will be no study evening on Monday the 1st of May

Cost 4 week Special Courses:

Special Courses: Members £55  /  Non-members £75  /  Concessions £53

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One Meditation or Positive Thinking Course
Two Meditation or Positive Thinking Course
4 week Special Course
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